wedding travel and honeymoons in minnesota

after the wedding travel and honeymoons

Honeymoon: just the mention of the word conjures up images of champagne breakfasts for two, lazy afternoons in the sun, romantic candlelight dinners, and passionate nights.  Making arrangements for this intimate escape will be one of the most enjoyable aspects of planning your wedding. Begin discussing honeymoon plans as soon as you’ve set a date.  This will allow you time to explore the many options and it will also provide the best availability and value.

When researching destinations, you may feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of possibilities.  Your local library and bookstore will have travel guides and may help you narrow down the many choices to at least a top five!  The internet is also a wonderful resource and you can often find out more about the country or state you plan to visit by looking up their official website.  Flight, accommodation and rental car information can also be found on several discount websites, but make sure you choose carefully and read the fine print; most budget deals come with limitations. A travel agent can help you with any and all the details of planning your trip, such as determining prices and availability, booking flights, accommodations, rentals, and finding package options you like.  If you’re traveling abroad, make sure you’re up to date on necessary inoculations (ask your travel agent for a list).

Also, make certain you have a current passport; they do expire, and it can take up to a month to renew.  You may want to consider putting your maiden name on the plane tickets or other travel documents; if you change your name you may need to supplement your identification with a marriage certificate if your other forms of I.D. don’t reflect the change.  Take steps to make that vacation truly worry-free: have all of your travel 
documents ready to go a month before you leave to prevent any red-tape disasters.

While deciding on your plans, think about activities or special nights you may want to include that may need their own arrangements.  Beach resorts often have snorkeling or scuba diving options, boat trips, even parasailing.

If your destination is a city, you may want to book a special dinner out, theater tickets, or a guided tour.  Your travel agent or the concierge at your resort or hotel can assist you, especially if you plan ahead. For all of your major reservations—air, hotel, and rentals—make sure they’re set to go at least six months in advance, since the most popular honeymoon destinations often fill up.

Once you’re closer to your departure date, remember those last-minute details that need tending at home.  Arrange for a house or pet-sitter, and have your newspaper and mail held until your return. Additional gifts may trickle in after the wedding, so ask a neighbor or family member to receive deliveries.  Purchase traveler’s checks now as well, and if you’re going abroad, you may want to exchange some of your money for foreign 
currency, in case you need some cash right away. Photocopy your identification, credit card numbers, and tickets for an emergency set to be carried separately from the originals.

Your last arrangements are a breeze: reconfirm your itinerary with the airlines, and make sure you have transportation to the airport.  These days, travelers are advised to arrive at the airport at least two hours ahead for domestic flights, and three hours for those going abroad.

One of the best ways to ensure that your trip will go as planned is to be as prepared as possible.

Here are some things that you will need to keep in mind as you are planning your honeymoon:

• Get travel insurance: If anything happens you will be prepared and won’t lose any of the deposits that you have made.

• Make sure that you have all the travel documentation that you will need. This can include a passport, driver’s license, and birth certificate. Be sure to check with your travel agency or airline for the exact documentation you will need.

• Be sure to read up on current travel rules: This can be one of the most frustrating pieces of traveling. Knowing ahead of time what you will be dealing with can save a few headaches.

• Reconfirm your itinerary with the airline and make sure you have transportation to the airport.

• Be early: Having to rush around and feel stressed is not something that should be a part of your honeymoon. Give yourself plenty of time. You will enjoy this adventure together even more when you don’t feel rushed.

• This is not the time to go for the “cheap hotel.” Splurging on some luxuries is a must on your honeymoon.