wedding showers and parties in minnesota

>wedding showers and parties

The wedding festivities often start more than a year in advance and hosting an engagement party is a great way to launch the wedding plans socially. Typically small and intimate, the party is limited to family and close friends. The bride’s parents usually host at their home or that of the bride, and the party can take any form, whether it’s butler-passed hors d’oeuvres or an elaborate buffet or seated meal. At some point in the festivities, a formal announcement and toast are made in honor of your plan to marry.

The bridesmaids luncheon is a great way to honor those you have selected to take part in your wedding. A luncheon with your attendants can prove to be somewhat difficult to plan, due to hectic schedules and busy lives. Dress shopping or alteration appointments provide a perfect opportunity for such a get-together. Choose a restaurant or venue close to the shops you will be visiting; over lunch, high tea or dinner, everyone can meet one another and share in the excitement of the upcoming wedding.

Showers have become more and more ambitious; not limited to just the bride anymore as grooms are now being included in couples showers or are even given showers of their own.  A maid of honor or close friend typically organizes the shower.  Let them know what you’re comfortable with and whom you would like to invite.  Book a date early to give your friends time to mark their calendars, and choose a location that’s convenient for all of your guests.

Whether at a parent’s home, restaurant, or the hotel where the reception was held, a gift-opening brunch is not only a great way for everyone to view and enjoy the gifts you have received, it is also a time for your family to wish you well before you leave for your honeymoon.  During the gift opening, be sure to designate a friend or attendant to keep record of each gift as it is opened, including who sent it, so that you can send thank you notes with ease.