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the groom and bachelor parties

When it comes to keeping on top of the latest trends, we take men’s formal wear very seriously. From season to season we usually see subtle changes in the direction of formal wear styling. Over the past few years we have seen longer coats and more buttons, but not a lot that necessarily says “WOW, THAT’S HOT”!

This season you will see dramatic new styling. Not only in the tuxedos themselves but an evolution in ties, color palette and contemporary shirt options. Stripes are hot and you will be seeing them everywhere, in subtle pinstriping in tuxedos, as bold patterns on ties and accessories and even interpreted in high-style shirts; many with tone-on-tone black stripes offering a swank masculine look. And, for the boldest use of stripes, consider a white tuxedo with black pinstriping.

Textures were the newest trend in fabrics. Rich velvets were introduced this season, along with plaids and stripes. Don’t expect to find the velvet options as a rental, however. Most Formalwear4 retailers will only be offering this stylish look for purchase. New linen options were included for those lucky enough to enjoy a destination wedding or a more casual event. Microfiber shirts were also prevalent offering a silk like appearance including a rich black that cotton shirts just can’t replicate.

Coordinated ties are the latest craze offering a look that resembles ready-to-wear options. This fashion-forward effect offers a varied dimension that matching accessories do not. Many of these exciting new options included dots and bold patterns combined with vests that were more subdued in coordinating colors. Bold tropical and ocean colors were dominant this season -- corals and mandarins, kiwi and lime, capri mint and turquoise.

Possibly our favorite of all of the new releases, however, were the tuxedos in chocolate. This rich look offers a stunning combination for the ever increasing number of ivory and café colored bridal gowns. And while you are not just an accessory, we know that your fiancé will want to make sure that your tuxedo is just right for that gown she has been picking out for months. Consider the limitless options of monochromatic accessories that work well with the chocolate brown tuxedo. With ecru, café, latté, sand or champagne accessories, this pairing is refined and contemporary.

Tuxedos are no longer the only part of the wedding you are allowed to give input. Today many grooms are having their input heard in everything from choosing items for the gift registry, selecting music or readings for the ceremony to assisting in selecting the cake, flowers and even the brides4 wedding gown. Yes, even the wedding gown! Many grooms are even attending wedding events such as The Wedding Fair™ and are included in the many showers. Long gone are the days when the groom only arranged the honeymoon and the transportation. Grooms today are more apt to be older and more established with developed and sophisticated tastes; as such you may be paying much of the expenses. 

As you prepare for the wedding, remember manicures are not just for women! A few years ago, most men would never have admitted to receiving a manicure because of its more, shall we say - feminine connotation. Today, manicures have become more accepted as have pedicures and waxing as part of a man's maintenance regimen.

Select a hair style you're comfortable with and that is familiar to your guests. Don't try to look like the celebrity du jour, and concentrate on looking your best.  Make a haircut appointment a week before the wedding so you're not sporting a newly fresh cut.

Regularly apply toner to shiny skin; exfoliate dry or flaky skin and finish with a moisturizer. Make sure to keep nostril or ear hair trimmed and separate a unibrow by tweezing or waxing the hairs between eyebrows. Use teeth-whitening strips for a photo-perfect smile and apply lip balm to chapped lips.

Tradition has it that the groom-to-be should be honored at a black-tie dinner-party, hosted by his father or best man. The newest trend in bachelor parties reflects the groom's interests. For instance, a party might include attending a major sporting event or participation in activities such as skiing, fishing, or camping. Or the best man, with help from the ushers, might organize an agenda of entertainment that could include roasting the groom, gambling (where portions of the winnings go the groom for the honeymoon), or competitions (darts, bowling, dodge ball, or paint ball, etc.). Today's trends are finding wedding parties jetting off to Las Vegas, Miami, New York or Los Angeles for a weekend filled with fun and excitement.

Keep the guest list manageable. Open-ended invitations, which allow guests to bring along other friends, may result in unduly boisterous activity, as well as in losing the point of the evening honoring the groom. Be the responsible groom-to-be and don’t do anything you wouldn't normally do at a party. Remember that it's almost inevitable that the bride will find out what happened during the party. Therefore, the host should organize a party that's not going to compromise your relationship with your bride-to-be.