wedding gifts and registries in minnesota

wedding gifts and registry

Beginning your new life together will be a very exciting transition. Starting with your gift registry — this can be a great time to take dual inventory of what you both own.

Look through all of your existing items and see what you would like to bring together. You will also want to reflect on who you are as a couple. Are you adventurous? Do you enjoy outdoor activities? Are you more of a cozy-by-the-fire type? Take these items into consideration when you are registering.

Also, you will need to think about the big transitions you may be going through. Will you be moving in the near future? Do you have a smaller apartment that you will be living in? These things should be thought of from a logistics standpoint before you register.

We believe the first step in creating your new home together is by completing your gift registry. The best time to register is after you have taken stock of your current possessions and decided on what you need, but before the engagement parties and bridal showers start to take place.  You want to allow enough time to take at least two trips to the stores; the first, to decide on tabletop items such as china, flatware and glassware, and the second, to find household items such as kitchenware and bed and linens. In general, remember to choose more gifts than guests, and select a range of prices so your guests have a variety of items to choose from.
The tabletop items will take up most of the registry list. Couples generally register for two sets of dinnerware, one formal china service and one everyday dinnerware set such as stoneware or porcelain. In terms of style, simpler patterns, such as white or ivory banded in gold or platinum, or white-on-white embossed, are elegant and easy to coordinate with colorful linens. Most china can be found in five-piece place settings, which include a dinner plate, salad plate, cup, saucer, and a bread plate or soup bowl. Other pieces like coffee cups and serving pieces—a gravy boat, serving platter, and sugar bowl and creamer set—can be added. Typically, couples register for eight to twelve place settings.

Flatware is also typically a five-piece set, including dinner and salad forks, knife, teaspoon, and  dinner spoon.  Also consider adding steak knives, butter knives, and other serving flatware to your list. You may also want to increase the number of salad forks and teaspoons by two, since these usually double as dessert silver.  Glassware is often sold individually; everyday tumblers and wine glasses usually top the list, but some couples add beer glasses, brandy snifters, martini glasses and liqueur glasses. Other popular entertaining items you may want to include are bowls, platters, and trays in an assortment of sizes.

On your second trip to the stores, tackle kitchen items and household linens; while some couples may need the basics in terms of pots and pans, bake ware, and cooking utensils, you might already have a well-stocked kitchen and might want to opt for a fondue pot, grill accessories, even a sushi-making kit.

For bed and bath, register for sheets, blankets, pillows, a mattress pad, comforter, and duvet.  You’ll need four sets of towels for the master bath, and two sets for each guest bathroom.  Each set includes a washcloth, bath and hand towels, and two bath mats.

A great many fun items fall under the “other” category on the bridal registry.  To think of these, consider your lifestyle as a couple: what do you love to do?  How about his and hers luggage for your travels, or matching sleeping bags for that camping trip up north? Do you plan on spending a lot of time in the yard? How about gardening items?

Now that you have taken inventory, where will you register? Ask yourselves: what are our three favorite stores? Are they convenient to your guests? Do they have a wide selection, and can they be accessed online? Department stores are the most popular choice, and most will display your list and receive orders on their website.  There are also honeymoon  and mortgage registries to consider. Once you’ve registered, give the store information to your family and wedding party, but never include it in the wedding invitation itself; the shower invitations or word of mouth are more appropriate.