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wedding decor and rentals

If there is one aspect of the wedding you truly don’t have to follow any rules for, it is décor.  Unleash the artist in you as you begin to transform your ceremony and reception sites into masterpieces of art. When you hire that amazing photographer to photograph one of the biggest days of your life, you will want them to capture the atmosphere in vivid color.

An amazing reception today is actually considered an event, which is very much like a fabulous work of art come to life.  All of the elements, including color, shape, texture, and form must work in harmony, and everyone who experiences this will be awe struck, each coming away with something different. Enjoying a work of art is an intensely sensual, personal experience, and most couples want the same result from their wedding. By tying in all of the rental and design elements of the event, a terrific stimulating ambience can be achieved that is  specific to you and will have your guests marveling at its artistry.

If there is one element couples have developed into their own personal branding, décor is definitely it.  It's where guests learn and see new things about the couple that they may not have known.  It comes down to the basic 'Five Senses' - touch, sight, smell, taste and sound  - it’s what will make your guests remember your wedding for years to come.

Décor doesn't just begin at the reception.  It even begins with your invitation through the look and touch of the papers or fabric.  The entrance to the ceremony with music being heard, the glow of candles, the smell of fresh flowers.  Even the sound of your fanfare arrival at the ceremony. Décor in a ceremony is not only limited to color or decorations; large impact flower arrangements at the altar make an impactful statement that can be transported to the reception for use in the cocktail area or entrance to the dinner area similar to the entrance of a fine dining restaurant.

The reception is the ‘Grande' Dame’ of wedding décor!  But let's not limit it to just linens, chair covers and centerpieces, let's stretch the imagination.  Let's think about food and linen pairings, up-lighting and pattern lighting with gobos.  It's all about how you mix and blend with artistry.  White and ivory are not the only colors for linens, - think yellow, blue, purples, greens, browns, coppers and, yes, even vibrant reds. Not conforming to traditional wedding reception décor is the norm for today's weddings. Think of your rental company experts as the artists behind the brush, painting the essentials of your wedding masterpiece in sophisticated strokes.  Rental companies have the most amazing tent structures and highest quality table linens, china patterns, stemware, tables and chairs available in an astonishing variety of styles.

When selecting a rental company, think about the level of involvement you’re willing to commit to. Do you want them to act as consultants, following your lead in making design choices, or do you want them to essentially take over the artistic reins? Some couples may fall somewhere in the middle, following the expertise of their rental company while still making many artistic and decorative decisions. You may want to bring the caterer into the picture at this point as well, even if it’s providing them with a sample or photograph of the table setting you have decided on.

If you have your heart set on an outdoor wedding in your favorite public park, renting tents will make your dream possible, even adding to the ambience.  Today, clear and black tents are also available, along with a range of styles. Picture a clear tent in a garden on a wonderful starlit evening, with illuminating twinkle lights in the surrounding trees.

The fun of renting a tent is like building a new home. There are three basic types of tents to choose from.  The push-pole tent is the classic and most affordable wedding tent, with a simple vertical pole structure and a scalloped-edge canopy. The frame tent adds a metal frame to the canopy, providing further stabilization and more flexibility in tight spaces.  The tension tent is the high, dramatic tent you see in the best wedding movies: with vinyl windows and fewer interior poles, it gives the tent a more open feel.

Lighting is not only a functional element, but also a HUGE transformation technique you can use in your design. Never underestimate the emotional moving power of uplighting, pin lighting and the old standby of twinkle lights and candlelight, which can make any space into an intimate, romantic space. Vases, glass cylinders and lanterns are today’s favorites, but jars, pottery, even terra cotta flowerpots with moss and tea lights can add a personal touch to your tables.

In wedding décor today, anything goes, and an innovative touch can make all the difference in the world.  Use the wide variety of linens and table settings to make a style statement; for example, think outside of the box when it comes to tables.  Instead of using the standard rounds that seat eight or ten people, mix it up and use rounds, squares and six or eight foot banquet tables. 

Once you have established the main décor items, the additional accessories will heighten the over all look. Consider this a layering effect. You start with your linens as the first layer. Add to that the china and crystal. Incorporate your centerpieces, and add accents like menus and place cards, specialized flatware, and the perfect napkin fold. With each new layer you will be creating something that is distinctly your own.

Have fun with your linen choices – select two different complementing linens and alternate them on the tables.  Maybe all the rounds have one color and the squares have another.  And don’t just stop there – get wild and use two or three different style centerpieces with blocks of candles, pillar candles and earthy branches. 

Things that will help you make decisions on your décor are: the time of year, the overall mood you would like to set, your color scheme, your venue location (lavish country club or hip downtown theater), your ceremony location (a church may have rules you will need to adhere to), number of guests attending, and your budget.

Areas that you will need to think about decorating are:

Ceremony: Pews, aisles, main doorways, altar, banisters, windows, ledges, extra tables, bathrooms and any other area in your ceremony space that might look sparse.

Reception: Dinner tables, cake table, gift table, escort card table, the bar, guestbook table, bathrooms, buffet table, walls or doorways, banisters, patio areas, chairs, etc.

Just keep in mind you will want to establish a starting point, such as the linens, china or flowers, and build your design scheme from there.  Just like every masterpiece there is always a starting point to the vision.