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Today, couples are more personally involved in the planning of their wedding and find new ways to make their event specific to their personalities and styles. Amidst the daze of multiple vendors and proposals, they emerge with a firm idea of how to turn their vision into reality. The main thing to remember during the planning process is to enjoy it.

First things first, meet with both sets of parents and determine from the beginning who is paying for what aspects of the wedding and set a budget. Also determine the number of guests and how many guests each side is allowed to invite. Getting married is all about getting off to the right start -- both financially and with your future in-laws.

You may want to consider hiring a wedding consultant. Wedding Consultants are the expert designers of your wedding event, and can help search for vendors and venues, provide etiquette tips, assist with time-consuming errands, and monitor the wedding budget. They can run the show for just the day of the wedding, or they can plan the entire event from beginning to end—down to the last linen, the last hors d’oeuvre, the last boutonniere. Or, their role can be a combination of both.